Eddie’s 30 year career in football has taken
him around the world – studying, coaching
and directing youth football clubs at both the Professional and Amateur level.
His experience lead to a new designed service for clubs and organizations, serious about developing their Academy model 

A Consultancy request will be custom designed with the officials of a club / organization.

The outcome (Football Academy Progress Report) will give each party a better perspective upon strong points and realistic areas of improvement short-,
mid- and long term.

What is Talent  development or is it  better to speak about  Athlete Development?

How do you “activate”  pattern recognition,  creativity and decision  making within a player?

Is there a difference  between Scouting and  Player detection?

How do you measure  progress in a program?

Spartak Moscow in Russia, Canteras Academy
in Lima, Peru en Atletico Nacional in Medellin, Colombia

Eddie joined Ajax in 2007, where he coached the U12 Academy team for three seasons and embedded himself in Ajax’s Academy life. Since coaching, he has been tasked by Ajax to utilize his international relations in promoting the methods of the Ajax Academy abroad. He has delivered presentations, courses, workshops and masterclasses in Amsterdam for people from 75 different countries. In addition his Consultancy team conducted Training programs in over 20 different countries.

Since 2017 he is working independently.

Currently he is conducting Trainer-Coach Education and Player Programs in the United States, Colombia, Peru, Russia, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Estonia and Finland.